Pharmaceutical Drawers and Optical Drawers

  • Project:
  • Realization:
  • Location: Volterra Italy

An enchanting Tuscan landscape and a small rural community welcomed the opening of a small pharmacy. The challenge with enthusiasm by architect Alessandro Alberti and Team Of Tecnocassetti was quelladi realize a furniture that held together the three demands of clients: functionality, clarity and living spaces.

The result was sicuramenteun success. In just 37 square meters space it was so well organized and be carried by trovareposto 80 ml of product displays equipped concassettoni for stocks and drawers for drugs; and a counter sale in two locations; unretro farmoteche with 5 columns, as well as two desks and a bench for lepreparazioni Galen. All without losing sight of the convenience of lavorofatta also the necessary presence of empty spaces of movement for renderel’ambiente more livable and open.

Aesthetically, the linearity of the elements Thinline which contrasts with the natural imperfections deimuri and building, without prevaricarle, but rather assecondandole, combined with a choice of color and material moltonaturale, they make sure that the environment is pleasantly noticeable allostesso time as minimal, elegant, professional and comfortable.

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