Pharmaceutical Drawers and Optical Drawers

New construction for OF Tecnocassetti in Holland

Custom graphics featuring the interior of the pharmacy

The layout of Pharmacy Fenix ​​in Zwolle, Netherlands, is characterized by a strong presence of modern and functional elements.  The feature that is immediately evident and we are very proud of is thegraphics, which covers like a painting the entire chest of drawers, transforming the space into a warm and pleasant environment.

The possibility to apply digital printing on the drawers’ front panels provides on the front side of the chest provides the designer with full freedom of expression and also:

  • Makes the space more modern than the traditional image of pharmacy
  • Allows if necessary to “mask” the chest of drawers

This solution is ideal for the pharmacist who wants a store that is halfway between a pharmacy and a “beautyshop” and therefore is closer to European standards.

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