Pharmaceutical Drawers and Optical Drawers

24 June, 2015 | Blog | 0 Comments

Through years of work and research, OF TECNOCASSETTI has developed the best method for the storage of all kinds of medicines.

For an effective preservation and distribution of medicines it is also important a good  expertise level of the pharmacist. When you start a project you have to pinpoint the area that will be dedicated to the storage of medicines, for this purpose we have to keep in mind some steps:

  • define the type of stock that we need
  • establish the type of activities to be carried out within the warehouse
  • define what operations will be performed
  • choose a distribution method
  • define the necessary materials or equipment

For an orderly and well-managed drugs warehouse you should have a long-term vision. A short term strategy will prevent you reaching the best performance.

Because the stock reach a competitive level, it should not be seen simply as a place to store medicines, but as a distribution and management center in which complex tasks are performed to improve the profitability of our business.

To prevent your warehouse from being messy and impractical it is crucial to find a balance between functionality, comfort and design. In this regard, we invite you to see our drawers for pharmacy:  systems designed with high standards of robustness and functionality, able to facilitate the work and meet the specific needs of each pharmacy.



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