Pharmaceutical Drawers and Optical Drawers

2 November, 2013 | Blog | 0 Comments

Here are the benefits of the new product

BF12 represents a new way of seeing the pharmacy counter, improving sales efficiency and space

The new bank BF12 combines the advantages and versatility of a tour of the exhibition with the efficiency of a chest of drawers, providing solutions and think completely different from those offered so far. The benefits that derive from this “fusion” are:

  • Exhibition space increased. Thanks to the versatility of BF12 and to its modular structure, it is possible to increase the exposure of products, thus increasing the level of potential sales.
  • Speed​​. With the ability to be near a larger number of products, the pharmacist will have to spend less time looking for drugs.
  • Presentation of the product. A different way to present the products, and versatile with the ability to insert customizable display areas.
  • Attention exposure. You can create specific areas of products through its exposure in the bank BF12 and exposure around it.
  • Economy. Thanks to the modularity of the bench and its flexibility, we are able to offer a variant of multiple desks at affordable prices.

BF12 is presented as a new way of seeing the bench, trying to improve sales efficiency and space. Discover BF12 might be in your pharmacy, ask for more information.


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