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Liberalizzazione farmacie
5 March, 2012 | Blog | 0 Comments

On March 22 , the House voted in favor of liberalization, with 365 votes in favor

The liberalization decree entered into force on March 22, 2012 with 365 votes in favor , 61 against and 6 abstentions. Article 11 dedicated to pharmacies provides the following changes:

  • Change the quorum. The number of pharmacies in each municipality will be audited by the month of December each year, according to ISTAT in the resident population.
  • Establishment of the pharmaceutical based in ports , airports , train stations and service areas . Regions may decide to open new locations within the limit of 5% of the existing centers in the following locations: railway stations, major civil airports in international traffic , maritime stations , motorway service areas with heavy traffic , malls and Information structures .
  • Schedules and shifts. The stability of the rules do not prevent the opening of the pharmacy at times other than required . Pharmacies can offer discounted prices on all kinds of drugs and products that are sold directly to customers provided that adequate information is provided to customers.
  • Management herediatrio . The heir , if not in possession of the requirements is within six months after the death of the filing of the declaration of succession .
  • Generics and cream. The pharmacist is obliged to replace the proprietary equivalent to the lowest price unless your doctor has specifically chosen not to replace him in the recipe , unless requested by the patient.
  • Pharmacies. He abolished the threshold set by the decree Save Italy , which provided 12,500 inhabitants as limit for opening pharmacies.
  • Veterinary prescription and non-prescription medicines in pharmacies. Pharmacies sell veterinary drugs , both prescription and nonprescription .
  • Pharmaceutical preparations in pharmacy. Based on the requirements provided by law, pharmacies can prepare galenicals herbs that do not involve a prescription, even in multiples , in accordance with the provisions of the Italian and European Pharmacopoeia.
  • The pharmacy staff on the basis of sales. Is fixed at the time of renewal of the national community with unions , based on sales, the minimum allocation of staff to the pharmacy must have to keep the agreement with the NHS. • The right until the age requirement for pensioneLa pharmacy address can be maintained until the requirement of the retirement age by a registered professional pharmacist .

For more information, see the ministerial decree.


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