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31 July, 2014 | Blog | 0 Comments

Dear customers, we wish to inform you that OF Tecnocassetti will be closed for summer holidays from 7nd to 27th August 2014.

OF Tecnocassetti wishes you all the best for this summer and hopes you will have nice holidays!

But before leaving we would like to inform you that during summer holidays our company will make the best to guarantee that everything runs smoothly for the rest of the year. Let us show you how!

Every business needs maintenance to provide a good quality service and that means keeping the machines in perfect condition.

The lubrication of equipment and machines is important, therefore during summer closing, while our employees are on holiday, we apply all the appropriate procedures to check and set the machines of our  plant.  A good control avoids unpleasant surprises during production.

In this time of the year we also think about the best positioning of our equipment and we consider how to make the best use of spaces so that our employees can always have a comfortable and safe working place thus preventing the risk of workplace accidents.

Finally, we do all the cleaning and painting which is essential for the hygiene and the good appearance of our factory, so that our company will always have the “proper look”.

A proper and regular maintenance allows our company to always work at its best to keep the commitments and to satisfy our customers in all periods of the year!


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