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Italy has announced that at the end of October it will be ready the system for the sale of non-prescription drugs from online pharmacies.

At the end of October, Italy announced that soon it will be ready the system for the sale of drugs online, so Italians will soon be able to shop from home what previously bought in a pharmacy store. The sale will be limited to drugs that do not require a prescription and should only be performed by pharmacies and drugstores with a physical store opened in Italy.

This phase will start after the activation of the 62/2011 EU Directive, which regulates the sale of drugs on the Internet and which leaves each member State free to decide what to sell online. In Italy it will be possible to sell just drugs that do not require a prescription.

This Directive is due to the search by European Pharmacies for new payment services.

Currently in Italy there are 18,000 pharmacies located throughout the land. The President of Federfarma in Tuscany, Marco Nocentini, held a meeting in March 2015 during which reported the challenges and risks that the pharmaceutical sector is facing in Italy. These include the direct distribution of drugs and the possibility that the government opens the door to private capital. These factors could endanger the interests of the client and the given service:

  • On the one hand there is a risk in the direct distribution of drugs. In Italy, health workers are allowed to give the patient a series of therapies for a period of about six months resulting in a very negative effect on the pharmacy, which loses the patient for all that period.
  • On the other hand, it is possible that the government remove the limitations on the pharmacy owners requirements. “Right now, only pharmacists or companies formed by a maximum of four pharmacists may own a pharmacy. However, parliament will soon discuss the possibility of removing these restrictions, which would open the door to private capital advantaging corporate interests.”
  • Another peculiarity of the Italian system is the existence of municipal pharmacies.

Despite these risks are actually real for the Italian pharmaceutical system, the online sale of drugs could be a big boost for pharmacies and drugstores, as the sale permission will be issued only to those who have a physical location in the Country. Those who wish to carry out the on-line business must apply to the regional administration to get approval and the official logo.

The European Community has in fact created a special logo to distinguish legal and illegal sales channels. This logo has been translated into all languages ​​and allows to verify the authenticity of the website and products. By clicking on the logo, you are automatically directed to the official list of the online pharmacies that work legally and are registered with the Ministry of Health. This will make it possible to have maximum control over the website owners avoiding the risks of purchasing illegal drugs.

In addition, the Ministry announced that with the beginning of online sales new and more severe sanctions against websites and organizations involved in the illegal sale of drugs will be adopted at national level.

In Gibam we believe that this new way of selling is an important step forward the modernization of the pharmaceutical system, we remind you, however, that the most effective means to achieve the best sales results in a pharmacy are a good organization with effective stock management and the best display system.