Pharmaceutical Drawers and Optical Drawers

One of the most important requirements of a pharmacy , is the possibility to keep medicines stored near the sales counter as it facilitates their management and distribution.

OF Tecnocassetti drawers allow the best management of warehouse area .

Our drawers have modern shapes and finishes improved over time thanks to our long experience . Our systems are innovative , up-to-date and always suitable to any kind of space and budget.

The drawers are designed to withstand the elements , they’re easy to assemble and always customizable ( wide range of shapes, materials and colors). A real guarantee for the future. .

The benefits we offer are :

1 . Ease of assembly

2 . Modular structures

3 . Competitive price

4 . Height tailored to your space

5 . Drawers with precise and silent movement

6 . Ease of cleaning

7 . OF Tecnocassetti’s guarantee.