Pharmaceutical Drawers and Optical Drawers

The “Decree save Italy” opens new opportunities for drugstores!

An economic package full of opportunities, which gives the green light to sale of drugs over the counter at corner drugstores and supermarkets. This big change will necessarily need to create new spaces for the insertion of drugs and therefore it is essential to adopt a product that optimizes the placement of the right medicines.

In OF Tecnocassetti proposes various types of drawers for drugs maximizing the space of the point of sale but also accepting within each drawer a large number of packages of drugs. Each column can be constituted by a variable number of drawers according to the needs of the customer. Each drawer is lightweight and has high fluidity.

Inside the drawers are inserted transparent dividers that offer the possibility to divide the space in a rational way. We of OF Tecnocassetti, we estimated that the introduction of Class C drugs can be variably controlled from 3 to 4 columns for drawers.

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